I would like to say that I acquired a rare American patented corkscrew this morning (or last night, or over the last few days, or…) but, as mentioned recently, corkscrew acquisitions have been a bit slow as of late.  I have picked up one or two, but nothing truly of note–not for a lack of trying mind you.

Or perhaps it is a result of a lack of trying.  Much of our focus, as of late, is putting the finishing touches on the remodel.  And, while there are still some touches to finish, yesterday I put down the last coat of poly on the floors, and soon enough we will be moving furniture in!  Yes, we are almost done!


We still have a bit of trim work in the bathroom, a door needs to be painted in the new laundry, and I do need to design and build the bed, but the room itself looks pretty awesome, and the view isn’t bad either.


That said, finishing touches, trim work, and door painting will be put on hold for a couple of days, as tomorrow the lovely and I will be running a half-marathon on the mainland, and then a few friends are coming to visit following the race.  So, if all goes as planned, remodeling will be replaced with kayaking, bbq-ing, swimming in the quarry, hiking around the island, boating to other islands, a bit of wine drinking, and sharing with our friends the island we call home.

Of course, in the mean time, if I do manage to procure a corkscrew–I wonder if there will be any estate sales along the  half-marathon route–I will report back here.

Stay tuned.