a small gathering at the house last night, and a few corkscrews…

Last night we had a small gathering at the house.  And, despite a very light rain, our spirits were un-dampened!  A great evening with about 20 or so people enjoying the view, a bit of wine, and some fantastic food as most of our guests brought various dishes, and this island is truly an island of really good cooks/chefs.

And, while we were sharing in the conviviality–with some online bids placed–some emails came through confirming a few wins/purchases.  This morning going through the various emails that had come through it seems that I had picked up a LEB CO tool kit on eBay and a small grouping of direct pulls from a non-eBay auction in California.



I figured the direct pull lot was worth taking a chance on.  The lot was advertised as a wooden handle corkscrew lot, but the corkscrew on the far right looks like it might be ivory.  I had placed a bid, but prior to the auction starting P-Dibby called to ask what amount I would be bidding.  I had thought the auction was still a few days off, and was thankful he reminded me that it was indeed yesterday.  I went back, and upped my bid.

When I saw the email this morning, I was genuinely surprised that I won, and that the winning bid was all of four dollars.  I am thinking that even if the acorn handle direct pull isn’t ivory, it was worth the price of admission.

I am hoping for Ivory!!!



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