lot 185

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email entitled “lot 185.”  I figured this would be the invoice for the direct pulls mentioned earlier.

It wasn’t.

Instead, this was what the email said:


Because of problems in last nights auction, the lots with $4.00 opening bids up to lot 282 will have to be pulled from this auction and put in a future auction. The reason for this is that bidders were not able to place bids. What happened is that it showed a bid 0 and bids were not allowed to be placed. Because of this, they were not considered live bidding and would not be fair or legal for our estates that need to be sold at live bidding, and also unfair to customers who I heard from (many) that were trying to bid on these items. Thank you for understanding, and please call if you have any further questions. We will notify you when these items go back up to auction.
Thank you again,

Well, that explains why the 5 corkscrew lots in this particular auction all ended with a winning bid of 4 dollars a piece, but it doesn’t really make me happy that I didn’t legally or fairly win lot 185–perhaps I won illegally and unfairly.  :  )

So, I am guessing the wooden corkscrew lot which might contain an ivory corkscrew will be going back up for auction at a future date; I will bid again, and hopefully their systems allow other bids to come through–just not the ones that are higher than mine : )

Not to worry, there will be other corkscrews arriving soon enough, and other auctions upon which to bid.

Speaking of, the other day there was a Singleton listed on eBay in a small lot of corkscrews, and with no takers at his Buy it Now price, the seller decided to lower it a bit.  After looking at the pictures closely, I figured I would take a chance.  Could it be marked?  Could the worm not actually be a turn short?  Or perhaps it is a bit short and resharpened 100 years ago or so.


We shall see in a couple of days when it shows up.