2 dollars… really?

Several days ago, I had found an online auction (not ebay) that had a lot for sale that contained a corkscrew.  And, over the course of the week, would check in on the lot.

A couple of days ago, another bidder apparently saw the lot, and placed a bid; the lot showed 1 bidder, 1 dollar.

The corkscrew would be a double, so I needed to consider how much I should be bidding, what the competition might be bidding, and how badly I wanted another example.

Taking this all into account, I placed a bid.  And, on the auction site, it registered that the lot was now 2 dollars.


The auction was set to end yesterday, and at 16 hours to go, the lot was still reading as 2 dollars; were they not registering bids yet?  What was the first bidder willing to pay?  Who else would be jumping in the fray?

This morning I received a confirmation email that I had won the auction lot.  Knowing what I had bid, I knew it wouldn’t be more than 75 dollars.  In reading the email, it was considerably less.


2 dollars?  Really?

So…the first bidder really only bid a dollar?  And, no one else wanted the silverplate lot?


Who would only bid a dollar???  It is mystifying…

Not that I am complaining mind you.

If anyone is interested in two silveplate spoons and a little ashtray-thingy, drop me a line, I will gladly split the lot with you : )




The DICO corkscrew looks to be in nice shape, and at 2 dollars (shipping was 5 times the cost of the corkscrew btw) a smokin deal!  Thanks one-dollar-bidder-person!


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