keeper of the corkscrews…


The lovely sister-in-law and her boyfriend “sparkles” (his real name is Alex, but sparkles seems so appropriate) have been visiting for the last couple of days, and upon their arrival at our house they presented us with four corkscrews they found at an antique shop in Canada.


Of the four, I am particularly fond of the little wooden monkey.

That said,  I am refraining from giving the exact location in Canada, as when they described the place, and the giant box of corkscrews that this particular shop had amongst its many wares, there is definitely a road tip in order.  We have already mapped it out, and are working on the logistics

The monkey has now become the official keeper of the corkscrews, and has found an appropriate place within the corkscrew case



Also, the Singleton bow arrived the other day, and while unmarked, it is still pretty darn nice.