Paris, Fireworks, and Bacardi

Yesterday the lovely bride and I booked our flights for the upcoming ICCA and CCCC meetings in Belgium.  But, flying in and out of Brussels from Boston was proving to be a little difficult, so we considered our options, and instead will be flying into Paris for a few days before hopping on the train to Leuven.

And, as it happens, we will be spending out 20th wedding anniversary (August 7th) in the city of lights, where we also spent part of our honeymoon 20 years ago.

As we were looking at where to stay, we decided to opt for an apartment rather than a hotel, and spent the better part of a couple of hours looking at VRBO and AirBnB for accommodations.  We have a few places that are good candidates, and sent off queries to be sure they are available.

After the Paris apartment hunt, we headed down to a friend’s dock to see the fireworks.  I know, it was the 6th of July, but that was when the fireworks were to be launched, and it was great to see the harbor lit up.


On a corkscrew note, P-Dibby managed to win every corkscrew he wanted at an auction in Kentucky, including a Royal Club for a song (although, I don’t think they made him sing).

Meanwhile, my big purchase of yesterday was a little less impressive, but still cool.

For about a year now, I have been talking with Barry Taylor about writing an article on flat band Clough and wire advertising Clough corkscrews.  He has many of these in his collection, and recently sent a list of those that he already has.

His flat band Clough’s are as follows:

(Plain – no writing) Yellow Flat Metal Band Yellow
Adamson’s Cough Balsam Flat Metal Band Red
B. Heller & Co. Chicago USA Flat Metal Band Yellow
Bailey’s Pure Rye Flat Metal Band Gold – large size
Bailey’s Pure Rye Flat Metal Band Yellow
Boschee’s German Syrup Flat Metal Band Gold
Bovinine Flat Metal Band White
Brown’s Iron Bitters Flat Metal Band Lt. Green
Bull’s Cough Syrup Flat Metal Band Yellow
C.K. Magee’s Emulsion Flat Metal Band Yellow
Carter’s Inks Flat Metal Band Red
Compliments the Rawleigh Man Flat Metal Band White
Guysotts Sarsaparilla Flat Metal Band Red
James M. Maconnell New York Clough’s Patent July 22 84 Flat Metal Band Yellow
Kempler Malt Extract Flat Metal Band Red
Lactart Acid of Milk Flat Metal Band Yellow
Lacopeptine for Dyspepsia Flat Metal Band Red
Listerine Flat Metal Band Yellow
Mary T. Goldman’s Gray Hair Restorer St. Paul Minn Flat Metal Band Light Blue
Mount Vernon Pure Rye Bottled at the Distillery Flat Metal Band Yellow
Panopepton Flat Metal Band Yellow
Prickley Ash Bitters Flat Metal Band Yellow
Say Aster Vanilla Flat Metal Band Yellow
Scotts Emulsion Flat Metal Band Green
Setly’s Flavorings Flat Metal Band Red
St Jacob’s Oil Flat Metal Band Red
Synvlta Products Are Best Flat Metal Band Yellow
Wakelee’s Camelline Flat Metal Band White
Warner’s Log Cabin Remedies Flat Metal Band Yellow
Warner’s Safe Cure Flat Metal Band Red
Youth – O – Lede Hair Coloring Flat Metal Band Green
Z. M. O. For Pain Flat Metal Band Blue

And, several years ago, Don Bull published on his website a list of known Clough wire and flat band corkscrews, and here are the flat bands from that list:

Adamsons Cough Balsam Yellow Flat Metal
Baileys Pure Rye Flat Metal Bright Yellow
Big G Flat Metal
Boschees German Syrup Flat Metal
Bovinine Gray Flat Metal
Brown’s Iron Bitters / The Best Bitters Green Flat Metal
Bull’s Cough Syrup Yellow Flat Metal
Carter’s Inks Red Flat Metal (2 sizes)
Clough’s Patent, July 22, 1884 Oversize Flat Metal
Cummings Sarsaparilla Yellow Flat Metal
Duratol Developer Yellow Flat Metal
Emulson de Scott Green Flat Metal
Ferroleum Flat Metal
Goldman’s Gray Hair Restorer, Mary T. Blue Flat Metal
Green’s August Flower Yellow Flat Metal
Gunst & Co., Richmond, Va Brown Flat Metal
Heller & Co., B., Chicago, U.S.A. Yellow Flat Metal
Herskovits Yellow Flat Metal
Judson’s Gold Paint Flat Metal
Kepler Solution Cod Liver in Malt and Kepler Malt Extract. Inside Band: Voice Tabloids of Cocaine, Potash and Borax Flat Metal
Koch’s Pepton Bouillon, Dr. Orange Flat Metal
Lactopeptine for Dyspepsia / For Indigestion Red Flat Metal
Listerine Yellow Flat Metal (red letters)
Listerine, Lambert Pharmacal Company Yellow Flat Metal (2 sizes)
Lung Tonic Cures Coughs Green Flat Metal
Maconnell, James M., New York Yellow Flat Metal
Magee’s Emulsion, C. K. Flat Metal
Merrel, Jacob L. Yellow Flat Metal
Mount Vernon Pure Rye Yellow Flat Metal
Panopepton Yellow Flat Metal
Pat. July 22, 88 Flat Metal
Rawleigh Man, Compiments of Flat Metal
Red Star * Cough Cure Gold Flat Metal
Sanmetto for Kidneys and Bladder Green Flat Metal
Say Aster Vanilla Flat Metal
Scotts Emulsion Green Flat Metal (2 sizes)
St. Jacobs Oil Red Flat Metal
St. Jacobs Oil Made in U.S.A. Clough’s Corkscrew Pat. July 22-84 Yellow Flat Metal
Straus, Gunst & Co. Inc. Baltimore, Md. Gold Flat Metal
Vogeler’s Curative Compound Yellow Flat Metal
Wakelee’s Camelline Tan Flat Metal
Wakelee’s Camelline White Flat Metal
Warner’s Log Cabin Remedies Yellow Flat Metal
Warner’s Safe Cure Red Flat Metal
Warner’s Safe Cure, Warner’s Safe Remedies Co., Rochester, N.Y. / Tippecanoe Red Yellow Flat Metal
Youth-O-Lede Hair Coloring Flat Metal
Z.M.O. for Pain Green Flat Metal

Having these two lists at one’s fingertips, it is pretty cool when you can find one that isn’t on either list.  And, yesterday, I managed to find a small grouping of flat bands, with one that is an advertisement for Bacardi.

bacardicorkscrewI promise not to try and collect every variation of the Clough flat band advertising corkscrew : )

Still, perhaps we should revisit the list of advertising flat band Clough’s out there.  What different ones do you have in your collections.  What variations of these exist that aren’t on either list?

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