No, I didn’t go to Brimfield…

The lovely bride and I headed to the mainland yesterday to run a couple of errands, and as luck would have it, we happened upon an antique shop to which we had never been.

This is actually a rather odd occurrence, as we have been antiquing up and down the Maine coast for well over a decade.  So, we turned a corner, and saw both an ‘ANTIQUES’ sign and an “OPEN” sign.  We flipped the car around, and turned into the driveway.

After checking out the barn, where there were a couple of rusty (common) corkscrews, we headed into the main building.  And, as soon as we entered you could see a small Havell’s bow with a price tag of 6 dollars.  Next to that were to advertising Cloughs with price tags of… 6 dollars.

And, next to those was a lovely little bow with a price tag of…

6 dollars



As I picked up the bow, the lovely and I made our way around the rest of the shop.  No more corkscrews, just those on the table the moment you walked in.  As if the person knew we were coming!

When we made our way up to pay for the bow, I saw a flat band Listerine corkscrew sitting in a small box on the dealer’s desk.  However, as we were walking through the shop, I also realized I literally had no cash on me.  And, I didn’t want the dealer to have to make a credit card transaction for a 6 dollar corkscrew.  So, I asked him if he would hold it for me until we returned from lunch, and he said, “of course.”

He followed this up with, “oh, this is what you collect…Do you collect other types?”

“Yes, I collect all things corkscrews.”

“Okay, I will bring out the others that I have when you get back.  Have a good lunch!”

Others?  I wondered what others he might have.

The lovely and I went to lunch (and the ATM) and eventually headed back to the little  antique shop.  On his desk when we walked through the door were an additional 10 corkscrews; Walker, Williamson, Cloughs, a Hercules frame, and…a Mumford.



I picked up the Mumford, and noticed that it wasn’t marked around the housing.  I turned it over, and checked if it was marked like the one that was in my best 6 for 2012.  It was, but…not exactly.

The Mumford that I had in last year’s best 6 was marked with PAT. MAR. 4-79 -PAT’S PENDING.



The one in my hand had the two patent dates instead.


PAT’D MAR. 4, 79. MAY 10, 92

I looked again at the other corkscrews, and we discussed prong pullers and modern versus old examples.   And, I was about to ask how much, when he began to explain that this was his mom’s shop, and she passed several years ago.  And, he is in the process of re-opening it and selling of the stock she had; both from the shop’s and her personal collection.  And, what he had brought out, is just what he was able to find so far.

So far?  

There might me more : )

With the other corkscrews priced anywhere from 6 dollars to 45 dollars  (for a Williamson without advertising) I had no idea where we end up when we struck a deal, and when he suggest that the Mumford should be 15 dollars…I certainly didn’t hesitate.

21 for the pair.


He then suggest that the price for the pair would be 20 even

Even better!

I handed over the 20, we thanked him for bringing the corkscrews out, and he promised when he unearths the other corkscrews, he will give a call.