Curley Corkscrew Page…


I figured it was about time that I launch a T. Curley Troy N.Y Corkscrew page on the website.  And, as of this morning it was up and running.

While there are other Curley (and Hicks and Reynolds) corkscrews that I would like to add to the collection.  The page does have a few, and does show some of the variations that turn up.

You can visit the page here

And, if you have a Curley (or Hicks and Reynolds) corkscrew with which you would like to part, feel free to drop me a line!  I am always willing to make a trade!

curleycorkscrewintegrated curleycorkscrewcastbell curleysteelhandle curleycorkscrewdark curleygermanwindow

One response

  1. I enjoyed your Curleys page.You highlight 2 different tin bells,one short, one elongated. Looking at past ICCAuctions sales there seem to be a few size variations in between and also variation in the shape of the bell. The bell I bought (#6668) is an in-between size, as is one you sold (#7896). Some bells have no flaring at the base (#5198 and #11145)..I assume that all the wooden handles originally had metal end caps? My favorite is #4875 with the German markings . Ferd Peters shows 2 variants in his 2011 registrations update book (p34)

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