2 Guinness, 2 Burgers, and a corkscrew (and a corkscrew, and a corkscrew, and a great visit)

The lovely personal trainer and I were on a road trip the last few days.  We left the island, and headed to Keene, NH for the night, and after a morning run (and showers) headed to Glenora, NY to spend some time with John and Martha Morris.

Following a brief “show and tell” of recent acquisitions, John indicated he would like a couple that I brought, and we discussed trade options.  And, after paging through the just published (and in this case, hand delivered) Bottle Scrue Times, the four of us hopped in the car and headed off for some wine tasting in the local Fingerlakes wineries.


This was followed by a fabulous dinner, with some more great wines.  We had brought a bottle of Paloma Merlot from Sheldon’s winery, and that was definitely a hit.

The next morning started with a huge breakfast, and then a little antiquing.  Few corkscrews worth buying, although we did find an old bitters bottle with the corkscrews till in the cork.  John picked that up, and then we hit a brewery, winery, taco truck, winery, and distillery.    A few wines were purchased, also some vodka and bourbon, and then we started heading back for home.

With only a short time before we had to head out to dinner (in the same hotel where the ICCA AGM Gala will be held next year) John and I again talked corkscrews, and I once again took a look at his most recent acquisition.  I believe I had seen this before, but in leafing though the back of O’Leary nothing came close.  There are no patent marks, but I just know I have seen this somewhere…


As we were nearing the time to head off to dinner, John suggested that he will send me something from his collection when he gets back to Tennessee.  I threw out one idea, and he thought that might be appropriate.  But, it will be interesting to see what it ends up being–he gets an interesting folding corkscrew with patent information and a folding Frary leg knife, and I get a player to be named later…much much later.

Dinner was fabulous, and the conversation ran the gamut from renovations in Maine, future visits to each others’ homes, corkscrews, corkscrews, corkscrews, upcoming travel plans, etc.  The conversation just kept flowing, as did the wine.

The next morning, the lovely and I had to hit the road early to start heading for home.  We shared a nosh and some coffee with John and Martha, and were soon heading towards home–well, kind of towards home as we had to pick up some construction supplies in Massachusetts.

With lunch time upon us, and having traveled many hours, we hopped off the main road, and after a couple of miles saw a sign for a place with artisanal beers.  When we pulled up it was even more promising, as it also said ANTIQUES on the same building.

We went in, ordered a couple pints of Guinness, a couple of burgers, and while we waited for the Guinness to arrive, I headed over to a glass display case.  Within it, was a fairly large direct pull with a fairly large blade on the side of the handle.  After talking to the barkeep about it, she explained that the antiques belonged to the owner, who was apparently, at that very moment, cooking our burgers.  Given we were a little hungry, I opted NOT to interrupt him.

As we were finishing up, however, he wandered over the bar to take care of some other business, and I struck up a conversation regarding the corkscrew.  He opened the display case and handed it to me, and a deal was struck.  Two Guinness, Two Burgers, and a Corkscrew…all in one stop.


In short order, we were on our way again.  And, after picking up some supplies, we headed to Concord, NH for the night.  A great dinner there as well!

The next morning, following a run (and showers) we were on the road again.  Meanwhile, I received an email asking if I would be interested in a 7 tooled folding bow corkscrew.  After looking at the pictures closely (really closely as they were on my iPhone), we agreed on a price, and this soon will be arriving on the island.

IMG_0170[4] IMG_0169[10]

After many miles, late yesterday afternoon, we made it back to the island, and soon enough I will start utilizing the aforementioned construction supplies to finish off the new upstairs closet.

A fabulous weekend with John and Martha!!!  We can hardly wait till our next visit!!!