no corkscrew news at the moment…

This morning the lovely bride and ran/rode the annual Vinalhaven EMS Challenge.  Not a terribly long race, but a 2.8 mile run followed by a 9 mile bike ride around the island.  It is always a fantastic event, and there were many supporters along the route.

And, while ordinarily I would like to report of some great (or not so great) corkscrew find here, the corkscrew news is a little lacking at the moment.  That said, I have no doubt that some rarity might be showing up at any moment.  Well, I can hope anyway : )

What has shown up is this cute little sailboat, which is moored right outside the house.  Surrounded by lobster boats (not when the picture was taken, as most were out to haul) it looks a little out of place, but is, at the same time, really charming.

sailboatThere will be corkscrew news soon enough however, as a week from Monday we leave for  Paris, and then after a few days will head to Belgium for the CCCC and ICCA AGMs.  There will be plenty of corkscrews there.  And, I mean plenty!!!

For those of you that have never been to a meeting, you really do need to attend at least once.   It is truly amazing at how many corkscrews change hands, and what is made available for sale (or trade).   And, of course the meetings are a wonderful opportunity to renew old friendships, and sometimes strike up some new ones.

Until then, if any blogworthy corkscrews turn up…I promise to post them immediately!!!