Back home…

To tell the truth, we have been back home for a couple of days, but we needed to catch up a bit on local goings on…  And, of course after being away for two weeks, there were a few things to address; piles of mail, voicemails, etc.

For those of you wondering why no blog in a while, while were traveling, the internet was rather spotty, so I simply put away the laptop and enjoyed being somewhat disconnected to our online world.

Now that we are back however, and everything seems to be in order, I figured I should catch you all up with the ICCA corkscrew meeting (and corkscrewing around Belgium).

After we left the CCCC meeting in Leuven, we made our way to Kortenberg to visit Guy’s wine shop.  Wine shop is somewhat of a misnomer as Guy is also an importer of wines, and his shop is more like a warehouse, although the storefront does not only house wines but also his corkscrew collection.  And, attendees of the meeting, and the subsequent trip to Guy’s, got to see some fantastic corkscrews.   Here is a sampling from Guy’s place:



And, Guy had some friends bring some other rarities for viewing.  One German piece was garnering much attention:



I am hoping to find one of these laying on a table at Brimfield in September : )

btw: Tommy…Guy has 30 flashes :  )  And, Barry explained that he had just bought 10 more from him recently.  Looks like you have competition : )


Following the viewing (and lunch and wine) we were off to Brussels for a tour, which was followed by a bus ride to Antwerp where the meeting would be held.

The Antwerp meeting kicked off with the Right’s Reception where our newest Addict, Ron Cutajar, was introduced.  The next morning, we all headed to Brugge for a walking tour, and several addicts were seen darting in and out of whatever local antique shops they could find.  Word is four corkscrews were found, but none of the four were purchased.

The next morning was the buy and sell, auction, and AGM.  Many corkscrews changed hands, and I did actually buy a couple at auction.  More on the acquisitions later (or tomorrow perhaps).

The next morning, we were off on a walking tour of Antwerp, and with the club divided amongst three different groups–and our tour guide knowing we were on the hunt–our group made it to a small antiques fair first.  And, while I was across the square, I heard the lovely bride call for me as she had found several corkscrews on a table and was at that point holding them in her hands whilst fending off other addicts from buying them.  I did swing a deal for one of the four that she had found (as well as a cigar cutter).  And, here are two that got left on the table:



In between all of this touring around, meetings, buying and selling, and auctioning, there were lunches, beer, wine, wine, wine, conversation, and a little bit of wine.

Our last night, as a group, we held our AGM Gala dinner, and Ian and Sue’s punch was fabulous.  Great food, followed by an unbelievable array of desserts made for a wonderful end to this year’s ICCA Meeting.

With the meetings over, and goodbyes, farewells, and see you next years, exchanged the following morning, the lovely and I headed off to Brussels for a couple of days of antiquing and enjoying the city.   A fantastic trip, some great times with dear friends, and we are looking forward to next year in Niagara Falls and Watkin’s Glen (which will be followed by a trip to NYC for the CCCC meetings as well).

Speaking of Watkin’s Glen…

Whilst at the CCCC meetings, I was walking around during the Buy and Sell, and happened upon one member’s table who had several American patents, and in the corner–somewhat hidden away–was a Puddefoot.  I picked it up, assuming that I already had that example, only to find that it was an advertisement for The Welch Grape Company, with a Watkin’s NY address.  The price was fair, and it was an example I had yet to find.  How cool that it also is the locale for our AGM Gala next year.


As mentioned earlier, I did acquire a few corkscrews over the course of both meetings, and a couple whilst corkscrewing around Paris and Belgium.  A few will stay in the collection, one or two will be moved on to other collectors, and one might even make the best 6 of the year.

Stay tuned…


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