Another Charles Heurich corkscrew…

Several years ago, while antiquing with Mark (aka Orrin Painter) in the DC area, I found an opener with an advertisement for Senate Beer.  Mark explained that TWJ had told him that DC brewery openers were hard pieces to find.  So, after paying my 10 dollars for said opener, I knew I would bring it to the JFO.

At that year’s JFO, after a bit of negotiations, TWJ ended up with the opener.

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About a year later, I managed to find an M-73 with an advertisement for Senate Beer (made by Charles Heurich Brewing) and by the end of the JFO meeting that year, TWJ had made a deal for that  one as well.

And, two years ago, I had picked up another M-73 ,this one with Charles Heurich emblazoned across the side…

heurich oneAs you would have guessed, at the Just for Openers meeting that year, TWJ snapped it up.

I don’t know why I keep finding Charles Heurich beer openers and corkscrews, but I do.  And, two days ago there was another one.  At a small antique shop on the mainland, I picked up a direct pull Murphy corkscrew and a Weinke patent with advertising for none other than CHR. HEURICH’S BREWERY.



Now the JFO meeting won’t be happening until April of 2014, and I am guessing that this will end up in Tipped Worm Johnny’s collection before that–I am sure he has a corkscrew or two without beer advertising with which he will be willing to part.




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