small victories…

Every once in a while, I will be thumbing through O’Leary’s book on American corkscrews, and I will run across a photo and think to myself (and to be honest, sometimes I say this aloud) why haven’t I ever found this.

One of these particular items isn’t that desirable, and unless you care about can-openers with corkscrews attached, you might just skip that page.  Well, probably not as the reverse page features the Dodge patent, the Rees patent, and a Gilchrist bar screw.

Still, in all the years of hunting and gathering, I have yet to see this particular corkscrew available for sale.

As luck would have it, the other day one turned up.

A small simple can-opener with corkscrew, it is and 1908 Clark W. Reynolds patent–which was assigned to The Browne and Dowd Mfg. Co.

Now there are a few versions of this, but the one that I have been after is the miniature one.  Believed to be a salesman’s sample, it is marked “THE BROWN LINE FROM KINGSTON.”



On another corkscrew note, there is an antique show on the mainland tomorrow, and I will be heading over.  Billed as 70 “fine” antiques dealers, I am guessing if there are any corkscrews to be had, they will be given “fine” prices.  But, why not give it a shot.

And, of course the Brimfield countdown has begun.  Just 7 days until the September show!


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