Best 6 candidate!

I have to say that I really enjoy the Annual General Meetings of the corkscrew clubs.  It is always a great time, and the opportunity to connect with corkscrew collecting friends is fantastic.  And, while the buy & sell and auction always offers some interesting, rare, and unusual that one could add to their collections, for me, the AGMs also provide a renewed sense of motivation to get out there and hunt, gather, search, and hopefully acquire…

Of course, seeing the rare and desirable corkscrews that often turn up at the meetings, does cause one to consider their own collection and say, I don’t have that.  Or, I really would love to have that.  Or, in my case, I really need some better corkscrews : )

Yesterday, a “better” corkscrew arrived.

Just a few days ago, a nice Perille corkscrew was made available online, and after a few emails, and a bit of negotiation, a deal was struck.  It arrived yesterday, and it is simply stunning.  The finish is almost all there, and the helix is sharp.  At this point, and hopefully 6 other corkscrews that are even better than this one turn up over the course of the next few months, it should make my best 6 for this year.


Marked with the JHP mark, and for the the Quincallerie that sold it, it is pretty darn cool.


Okay… so, Best 6 of 2013 will be Frary with Hammer, Spike, and Hercules Frame, Perille Manivelle, and….I still need four more!!!

Maybe at Brimfield (which starts on Tuesday) another candidate to make the list will be found.

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