ECP for TWJ and an Automatik for me

So.. I headed down towards Brimfield today, and an anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s early morning trek to the fields that open at daybreak.  However, on my way down, I decided to make a few stops and did pick up two interesting pieces.  One, a bottle opener that will probably end up in TWJ’s collection, and a corkscrew with grabber for me.

THe bottle opener is interesting as it is an advertising piece for PEASLEE CO. ALE & PORTER, DUBUQUE, U.S.A.



I snapped a shot with my iPhone and sent it off to TWJ, who responded with, “Now this is a good one for the Johnny pile.  Nice find.”

After working out the price with the dealer, I headed off.

Of course, not knowing if I had overpaid for said opener, I got back to TWJ, who then responded with a fair price.

Then, I explained that it came with its original envelope.



He responded with a price that was half again as high : )

Of course, then I had to email him to tell him it came with the original directions.


His latest response, was a little different, as I think he thought I was pulling his leg.

To which I responded; yes, I have it.  Yes it has the original envelope.  Yes, it has the original instructions.  And yes…

It even has what looks to be E. C. Peaslee’s calling card.



He has yet to respond to the photos of everything, but I am guessing this is a pretty good find : )

On that note, I did find a pretty good (not great) corkscrew for me.  Now, I have had t-pulls with cork grabbers before, but this one is interesting as it is marked on the handle.






As I am at Brimfield, with no reference books with, any insights into this one would be much appreciated.

More updates tomorrow–and we shall see what $$$ offers (or trade offers) come in from TWJ!!!

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