Brimfield Day 2

I will preface this by saying again, it was a fantastic idea that the lovely bride had to bring the espresso machine with me!

This morning was another early one, and in the darkness I drove the mini to the fields of Brimfield.  With the first field opening at 6:00, and having arrived with plenty of time, I followed yesterday’s plan of seeking out more coffee (although, I did start the morning with three espressos).

After buying my ticket and getting in line, the time neared when the gates would open.  I hadn’t seen BT at all, but I assumed he was at a different gate. As the masses (which weren’t really a mass) made it through the smallish openings in the fence, I stepped into the first booth and let everyone walk, run, jog, or stampede past to get to something that is (hopefully) other than corkscrews.

Truth be told, this particular field has never really netted out any great (or even good) corkscrews for me.  There have been a couple of openers that made their way to the JFO, some Anri stuff that ended up on eBay, but nothing to write home about–or here for that matter.  That is not to say others haven’t had luck.  If I remember correctly, TC picked up a Mumford at one guy’s booth last year.  So, I today I walked through the field hopeful, but not really expecting anything.

And, as luck would have it.  That is pretty much what I found.

I did find some overpriced Stag and Sterling handled corkscrews (in the 400+ range) and I did find an unmarked Hercules for 10 dollars, which I did buy as things were going rather slow.  And, I grabbed a stag handled direct pull with a fancy shank–this was inexpensive as well.  And, that what was in the field.



Hopefully “Heart of the Mart,” would provide more (read better) opportunities.

After a bit of breakfast (and more coffee), I met up with Barry and we headed to the next field, which would be opening fairly soon.  And, with the gates opening (significantly wider than the previous field) Barry headed towards the back, and I headed left.

I was nearing the end of the first aisle, when I happened at a huge booth–which was more like 4 booths–and I stepped over some architectural stuff to get towards a table with a small case.  And, what was inside but a lovely carved alligator corkscrew with a Williamson bell.  The stag handle is easily ten inches long, and the alligator is quite handsome, and it also has a small sterling end piece.  When I looked at the price tag, I smiled and looked at the dealer, and said.  This is a bit too much for this.  He responded with, “what would be the right price?”

I told him.

He said okay.


I handed over the cash, and made my way to the next booth, where I bought a small wooden elephant corkscrew.  He was cheap, and why not?


By the end of the second aisle, I saw a few familiar faces.  The dealers that I saw in Damariscotta, Maine a few weeks ago were there, and as I walked up, one of the dealers walked to her van and pulled out to small packages for me.  One, contained a lovely Sterling roundlet.  The other, a nice stag handle with Sterling end-caps with a Gorham mark.  I thanked her for bringing them for me, and she quoted the prices.  I took the roundlet, and paid with no haggling, and suggested that she put the Gorham one out for sale, but she should up the price a bit.

We said our goodbyes, and I was pleased that for the fourth time in the last four Brimfelds I have attended, they have had a corkscrew waiting for me when I have approached their booth.

I did like the roundlet, but I really don’t need another Sterling one.  I mean, it was nice and all, but I have about 20-30 of them.  On the other hand, I HAD to buy it.  They save these corkscrews for me, and as I want them to keep saving them for me, I felt compelled to keep the relationship going.

Not to long after that, I ran into BT.  He had picked up a couple of things, and I showed him the roundlet.  He liked it, and I offered it to him, but apparently he too doesn’t need another one.

As we parted ways, Barry headed off to retrace my steps, I headed off to cover the area where he had previously been.  And, as often is the case, neither of us missed anything.

With a little time to kill before the next field opened, I headed off to see if a dealer who has been promising me that he would bring his collection for me for 6 years.

Perhaps in year 7.

On my back to the next field however, I happened to run into a silver dealer I know, and I showed him the roundlet.  He thought it was fabulous, and so the Sterling Roundlet found a good home, and I turned a small profit for taking a corkscrew for a walk.

At the last field of the day, there weren’t many corkscrews about.  And, while I haven’t talked to Barry about what he had found, I did pick up a couple of Williamson Flashes.  Not GREAT finds, but one is a metal sheathed one, and a souvenir for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  As I have never owned a metal one before, I was quite pleased with the 5 dollar price.




With this final field of the day, thoroughly searched, I headed back for the mini, and headed back to the hotel for an espresso.  Okay, not really, but I considered it.  Did I mention how having an espresso machine in your hotel room is the best idea EVER!!!!!

All in all, a nice day two at Brimfield, with a snappy alligator being added to the collection.

Tonight BT, MT, and I will be headed to the Student Prince for dinner.  And, tomorrow May’s field will open, and we shall see if any corkscrews will be found before I have to start heading towards home.

Stay tuned!