Brimfield day 3…kind of

While Brimfield will continue through the weekend, I knew that I would only have an hour there after the first field opened, and then I would be hitting the road to make the 5 hour drive back to the boat, and then–if all worked out–I would make it to the island early evening.

But before I hopped into the Mini to head back to Maine, there was some corkscrewing to do.  So, given it is Thursday, it was destined to rain.  As, if it is Thursday at Brimfield, it means it is May’s field.  And, if it is May’s field, it means…rain.

And, shortly before the field was set to open, it was raining cats and dogs.  I even stepped in a poodle.

Sorry, old joke.

But, it was pouring.

Still, with word that it was just passing through, we dutifully lined up at the gate of May’s and waited for 9 am.  With the gates opened, I made my along the various aisles looking (and asking) corkscrews.   Nothing really worth buying, but I did pick up a nice t with brush.

Knowing that I only had an hour, I made my way to a dealer’s booth that happened to have a corkscrew that he wanted to part with.  I had seen it on the first day, and had discussed it with Barry–who also knows the dealer.  We had talked price and condition, and as I walked up to the booth Barry was completing the deal.

And, so Barry gets half a Crosby Pup…

halfpupfrontand I get the other half.



Not that we actually cut the little guy in half.  Instead it will be put up for auction, and we will split the profits–with the winner getting the whole puppy.



With the Stephens the first day of Brimfield (definitely a best 6 candidate), the alligator the second day, and half a crosby pup, as well as all the other corkscrews that found their way into my backpack over the course of the two days and one hour, I would have to say it was as successful Brimfield adventure.

And, I even made it back to the boat in time!!!

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