New wiring for the headlight, a pound of coffee, and a nice corkscrew find…

Late last week, the lovely personal trainer noticed that the driver’s side headlight was out in the mini cooper.  So, the other day, I popped the hood, and checked out the headlight situation.  In pulling away the appropriate mini parts, I came to find out that it wasn’t the lightbulb itself that was the problem.  Instead, the entire wiring doohicky had become brittle and crumbled into multiple pieces.

Not a part that your local auto parts store is going carry unfortunately.

So, yesterday I called the (relatively) nearby shop that services mini coopers, and they explained that it could be potentially three different wiring doohickies (not the word they used) as mini used various ones, at various times.

Yes, even though they have the VIN number they still weren’t sure.

And, given that it was a wiring issue, and not just a lightbulb, I hopped on the boat this morning and headed South towards their shop.  As it happened, after checking under the hood, they did have the appropriate part in stock–had it been a different version, no head lights until said part was ordered, received, and installed.

Excellent.  Headlight issue solved!

That said, the dude at the mini shop explained that he wouldn’t be able to make the fix or an hour or so…so, I sped off (fortunately not needing headlights) and hit a couple of antique stores.

Upon entering one, the manager of the group shop said, “hey,” and then proceeded to explain that she had something she wanted me to see.  After rifling around several drawers she pulled out a champagne tap and handed it to me.

I looked at it closely, and asked where she found it.  She explained (in somewhat of a whisper) “…in another dealer’s booth.”  There were a couple of other dealers present, who were showing interest in the tap, and I went about explaining how the tap would work, and thought it was a pretty cool looking piece.

I asked if she wanted to sell it, and she said yes, and explained she couldn’t put it in her booth, as the aforementioned person from whom she acquired it, would see it for priced at a higher price.

We discussed the pluses and minuses of the tap, and after asking how much she paid (a bit of information she shared readily, and then said that perhaps she shouldn’t have volunteered that piece of information), I pulled out some cash; making a small pile for her.

She looked down, and asked, “is that your offer?”  I pulled out a little more, and the deal was done.

Was the price fair, you ask?  Well, yes…  But, even if it required a bit more, I would have done the deal.  The mere fact that she was holding on to this corkscrew for me, kept hidden in a drawer where no one else is going to see it,  was worth the price of admission.

And, as it happens, it is rather fabulous!!!


After walking the rest of the antique store, and a few others nearby, I headed over to the mini shop.  The wiring issue was solved in short order, and soon enough I was heading back to the boat.  But, with a short errand to run, as we had run out of coffee!  Knowing that this is not a subject to take lightly, I sped over to the local roaster, picked up a pound of dark roast, and headed to the boat.

Not a bad day on the mainland; a pound of coffee, a repaired mini, and a champagne tap acquired for a song–not that I actually sang (this time).


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