I have a lot of Murphy corkscrews.

A lot!

Not hundreds mind you, but there are least 30 variations of the corkscrews made by R. Murphy Boston in our collection.   However, in all the corkscrew travels around New England (where you do tend to find Murphy corkscrews), I had yet to find the Murphy button with patent information.  I have three Murphy buttons marked R. Murphy Boston with three different handles, and five Murphy bells with different patent information, handles, designs, but the Murphy button with the little hook has remained elusive.

RL picked one up sometime ago, but after finding a second Murphy frame, his Murphy collection isn’t going to be split up soon, so…no trade options there (unless he changes his mind.  Robert?)

As it happened, I received an email a couple of days ago offering the very Murphy I have been after.

Murphy button patent-1[9]

Murphy button patent-2[9]

Particulars of the transaction haven’t been completed, but unless something goes horribly horribly wrong, the Murphy patent button will soon be arriving on the island and joining its Murphy brethren in the collection.  Of course, after it arrives it will be added to the Murphy Corkscrew page.

murphydisplayfrombostonThere are still other R. Murphy corkscrews out there that I am still looking for; direct pull Murphy corkscrews with a blade on the side of the handle, Murphys with button and blade, brass bell Murphys, Murphy with button and some grabbing teeth underneath.  Could there be another Ivory handled Murphy out there?  Or, perhaps there is another Murphy patent button with a different handle…  Not that I am obsessed or anything : )

If you have a signed MURPHY or R. MURPHY BOSTON corkscrew, feel free to drop me a line.  I am always open to a trade or two!


2 responses

  1. Hi Ed,
    Good luck on the NH hunt. There are several corkscrew collectors that live in New Hampshire, and it makes the hunt a little more difficult. Still, you never know what might turn up!
    Good Hunting,

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