Kinsey Golden Knight…

Last night a Syroco Golden was listed on eBay with a very low buy it now price.

No, I wasn’t the one that got it : (

For a steal at $ 125.00, whomever did get it, not only got the Syroco Knight in fantastic condition, they also got it with its original shipping box.

Why is this newsworthy?  Besides the price, if the Knight actually came in this box which includes a business card that reads:

Founded 1892 – Kinsey Distilling Corporation of Linfield, Pennsylvania – 

Jim W. Frazer – 2717 E. 90th Street – 

Seattle 5. Washington – Vermont 1948

It could help us date the corkscrew.

kinsey knight


The Knight definitely has a 50’s look and feel, and the gold paint that is used was introduced in In 1953.  Syroco introduced a process for obtaining the finish on these seemingly gilted home accesories, called “metalgold.”  A process, as the one of their catalog’s states, “…wherein real metal is deposited on the object and toned and shaded by skilled hand operations.”

Still, with no catalog reference found for the Syroco Golden Knight, the 50’s timeframe is just an educated guess.

Now, the card might lead one to believe the Knight was from 1948.  The seller thought this, and in their listing it reads, “Here is a vintage 1948 Kinsey KNIGHT corkscrew which was apparently a gift to good clients of the Kinsey Distilling Corporation of Linfield, Pennsylvania. ”

However, in doing a bit of research.  Vermont 1948 is actually the phone number to contact Jim Frazer regarding Kinsey distilled spirits.

Still, it does help date the corkscrew, as in the Seattle area, telephone numbers had a named prefix, and you dialed the first two letters of that prefix name plus the following digits.  So, Vermont 1948 would have been dialed VE-1948.  In 1958, this changed and areas were given different prefixes.  Vermont was changed to Lakeview 3.  So we know that the business card predates the 1958 change, and it would seem do does the Knight




But, does the Knight belong in this box?  I would think it does.

And, even if it doesn’t.  It was an awesome deal for whomever got it!!!

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  1. Hi – It came in the mail today and the box does seem appropriate to the knight. Looks like the seller may have dropped it before packing it as it has a minor chip that i did not see in the ebay listing.

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