an interesting perfume corkscrew…

A couple of days ago, there was a non-eBay auction with two lots containing corkscrews.

One of the lots RL won–the best piece within it (unless you are Tommy salivating over the possibility of adding an 855th Flash to his collection)  being a Walker patent Peg and Worm.



The second lot, really didn’t have much, but did have an interesting perfume corkscrew with a brass handle.

RL put in a valiant effort to get this lot as well, but someone apparently outbid him.





No, it wasn’t me…

It was someone from Tacoma, Washington who since winning the lot of corkscrews, has put them up for bid/BIN on eBay.

As luck would have it, the brass perfume, which has a nice faceted shank, was listed for a whopping (buy it now) price of 15 dollars.





Well…I simply couldn’t help myself…

Listed as a Crucifix Corkscrew, this will be a nice addition to the perfume corkscrew collection : )

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