Yesterday, I hopped on the boat, and was setting about editing The Bottle Scrue Times, when I suddenly heard my voice being called.  I turned, and here was the lovely bride, bringing me a cup of coffee.

This might not sound surprising, except the truth of the matter is, she wasn’t going on the trip!  She saw that I had left my coffee at the house, and with 3 minutes before the boat was supposed to leave, made it down to the boat, ran down the dock, made it into the cabin, handed me my coffee, and made it back of the boat just before it was to pull out!

And, it was raining!

She is simply amazing!

After making it to the mainland, and driving a fair amount of miles, I did make a few stops which netted out some nice corkscrews.  More on these tonight, as I have many miles to drive this morning as well.

For those that cannot wait, here is one of the finds from yesterday; a Barnes patent bow!

IMG_0536 IMG_0535 IMG_0537