Back home!

After another early morning yesterday, I started heading back towards Rockland, ME where I would hop the boat, and get back home to the island.

While there weren’t a lot of stops made, I did hit a couple of local haunts and picked up one of those Green River/Noyes patent corkscrews. This particular mall has a person that often has corkscrews, and I keep buying them, as they are usually cheap.  And, I keep hoping that if I keep buying, they will keep hunting them down.

I will say, that while the Syracuse show didn’t net out any great finds, the trip itself was definitely a success!

The Barnes bow and Sterling Converse were definitely the best finds of the weekend, but there were a few others as well.



A couple of Flashes, a French Clough with advertising, an interesting frame with ornate handle, the pig butt, and three direct pull marked Murphys.

And, as luck would have it, I received a phone call yesterday from an auctioneer  who explained that I had placed the winning bid on a painted Syroco Clown.

The clown looks to need a good cleaning, but it was a very fair deal, and should arrive on the island in time for Tommy’s upcoming visit.  I am pretty sure the clown will end up in Tommy’s suitcase when he heads back home to Chicago.



Of course the other big news, is that the Buy Now corkscrew website is up and running, with nearly 200 corkscrews available at last check.  More corkscrews will surely be listed soon, and there are some nice pieces available.  You can check it out here!

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