laughter ensued…

Yesterday, I hopped on the first boat and headed down to the Portland airport, and after a few minutes received a text from TC.  His plane had just landed and after picking up his checked bag (full of corkscrews) we were soon heading to Duckfat for lunch.



Definitely a must go lunch place when you are in Portland.

After lunch we started heading up the coast, and hitting a few antique stores along the way–where we did make a special find (more on that later).

At the appointed time, we parked the mini. hopped on the boat to the island, and headed for our house; where we were greeted by the lovely bride with appetizers, wine, and cap’t and diet (for Tommy).

It was fun for all of us to be together again, and there were plenty of stories shared.  And, the laughter, at times bordering on tears, was constant.

Dinner, wine, more cap’t and diet, more wine, and more wine…  It was quite the evening.

No corkscrews changed hands last night, although there were plenty of trades discussed, and I have no doubt a few will be swapped over the coming days.

Stay Tuned…

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