the hilarity continues…

I have a few extra corkscrews laying around.  Not that they are REALLY extra corkscrews, but sometimes they are duplicates, sometimes they are corkscrews that just don’t quite fit in the collection, and sometimes, I just pick up this and that knowing that they are destined to be tradebait.

And, since Tommy knew that I had recently picked up the Topping patent wall-mount corkscrew (a corkscrew he is very much after) and a few others, I had no doubt we would be making some sort of trade.

For those that haven’t been reading this blog for the last 8 years, trades between Tommy and I can take quite a while.  With others it might go something like:

I have a Frary do you want it?

Sure, would you like in exchange?

How about a __________________ ?(insert corkscrew patent here)


WIth Tommy and I it works like this (at least when we are at the same location).  Tommy puts a corkscrew on the table, and I grab a corkscrew and put it on the table.  And, then Tommy grabs a couple more from my pile, and stares at me.  I look down, chuckle a bit, and grab something else from his pile.  And, this continues, and continues, and continues, until finally a deal is done.

And, yesterday, a similar trade took place.  It started with the Topping and a really nice Theiry and Crosselmire that he recently picked up.  The lovely was rather fond of the T & C, and I have one very similar.  But, it has a unique handle, and is marked.  So, the Topping was put on the table, and the T & C.  I reached over and grabbed this Patent Pending can opener with corkscrew, and placed a few more corkscrews next to the Topping.  He looked, shook his head, and reached over and grabbed more corkscrews.

This went back and forth, with Tommy occasionally walking over to the corkscrew case, opening a drawer and pulling out a few others, and placing them  on the table.

After multiple offers (which again consisted of moving corkscrews in and out of each others’ piles).

I pushed all of the accumulated corkscrews away, and said, “let’s start over.”

Instead of trying to do this mega-deal where we had 20 corkscrews changing hands, I grabbed the T & C, slid the Topping over to him, and grabbed a few flashes (and a couple more flashes).  The deal was done.

With the Can Opener with Corkscrew–a truly hard to find piece, we were trying to figure out a bunch of little stuff or one major piece.  And, since I had just picked up the Barnes Bow…  Well, that became part of the deal.   However, the double folder that Tommy just got on eBay also came into play–even though the corkscrew has yet to arrive.

So, ultimately the trade was sealed with a handshake.  This rest of the day was spent exploring mainstreet, driving around the island, delivering lunch to Sue’s office, and just having a good laugh.

This was followed by a fantastic evening with the lovely bride, sitting by the woodstove, and just enjoying dinner, wine, and each others’ company.








This morning the three of us (and Philos Blake the corkscrew hunting Briard) are hopping the boat for some mainland antiquing.

Stay Tuned!


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