even more corkscrews heading Tommy’s way…

Just before we all headed to Portland on Friday, Tommy made his way back to the corkscrew case and pulled out several corkscrews.

He asked how much, and after a little back and forth, a cash deal was done.

He picked up his additional corkscrews, put them in his box, and then put the box in his suitcase.

After boarding the boat, and making our way to Portland, we went on a walk hitting a few antique stores.  No corkscrews along the way, although we were practically accosted when Tommy tried to open a drawer in one woman’s shop.  Apparently, you can look, but not touch.  No corkscrews there either.

Tommy, the lovely, and I enjoyed happy hour, and before long made our way to Local 188.  One of our favorite restaurants in Portland, ME.  Along the way, conversations returned to corkscrews and specific pieces Tommy was still after.  By the time we were 5 blocks from the restaurant, Tommy was talking trade and monies for the Sterling Converse.  A hand was extended, and we shook.  Within short order, Tommy was unfurling cash from his money clip.

At dinner, in between drinks and the appetizers, Tommy once again mentioned another corkscrew he was after.  He asked what it would take, and suggested a price.  He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a stack of 20’s (and a couple of 10’s) and tossed them into the middle of the table.  The wad of cash was a bit less than I had suggested, but I figured, what is a few dollars between friends.  And, so Tommy added an unusual Willet’s variant to his collection.

btw: Dinner at Local 188 was fab!

The next morning, we headed to the airport, and Tommy headed back to Chicago–we all agreed that the next visit needs to be a bit longer, and probably during Summer, so we can hit Montsweag Flea Market, and explore the island by boat.  Perhaps July, and we can include Brimfield as well.

So, a few corkscrews left our collection, and found their way into Tommy’s, and a few (very few) of Tommy’s found their way into our own.  A fantastic few days!

Speaking of corkscrews, this morning a couple more were acquired from our second favorite auction site!

today today2

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