no corkscrews at the barn…

So, yesterday we all piled into the x-terra and headed up the coast towards The Big Chicken Barn.  And, while there were two corkscrews available, neither were worth buying.  So we left The Big Chicken Barn without any treasures.

Nor any big chickens!!!



We did however, have a great day traipsing up and down the coast of Maine, hitting a few antique stores along the way.  And, as it happened I did manage to procure one corkscrew.

This wasn’t an antique store find, but rather on the ICCAuction–which still has 716 lots up and running; you can link to them here .

A couple of years ago, one of our friends (who is an artist and owns a gallery on the island) came over for dinner and brought a house warming gift; a small painting, it features a corkscrew (and was actually the back cover of a recent issue of The Bottle Scrue Times).


However, I didn’t have the fish corkscrew that is depicted in the painting.  I knew that when one came available, I would put out a healthy bid to be sure I had the corkscrew to match.

And, as of yesterday’s auction, the fishy fish will soon be arriving on the island.




More corkscrew news to follow.  You never know what will turn up next!


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