Murphy, Non-Murphy, and Paillard…

A couple of years ago–for the Boston CCCC  meeting–when Barry, John, and I put together the Murphy corkscrew display, we decided that unless the corkscrew was marked for Murphy, that the corkscrew couldn’t be included.  T Pulls, buttons, bells, that were decidedly similar, and that might have been made by Murphy were excluded if they weren’t signed.

Yesterday, there was a corkscrew listed on our second favorite auction site, that had the Murphy look.  It had what appears to be the Murphy button (without the upturned hook), and a nice stag handle.  Interestingly, it has Sterling on the handle.


In the past, I had picked up another stag handle corkscrew with what appeared to be a Murphy button, but it too was unmarked on the shaft.  It also had sterling accents.

And, then it occurred to me, could it have been that Murphy made these corkscrews, but they went unmarked so the person applying the sterling would only have their name upon them?

That said, this particular corkscrew was listed with a fair Buy it Now, and I snapped it up pretty quickly.  After making the purchase, I verified with the seller that there are NO markings on the shaft.  I was secretly hoping that it did say Murphy, or R. Murphy Boston, but it is only marked STERLING on the endcaps.

But, does this belong in the Murphy collection?

Another interesting corkscrew is also enroute.  This odd spring corkscrew will soon be arriving, and I am still trying to figure out who might have made this.


A couple of collectors are suggesting that this is a French patent from Léon Paillard.  The drawings look similar, and Ron MacLean mentions Palliard in his book on Clough explaining, at that time, no examples of the Paillard corkscrew had yet to have been found.


Could this be a Paillard?   Has anyone found a similar corkscrew?


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