away for a few days…

The lovely certified personal trainer and I have been in Long Beach, CA for the last couple of days visiting family.  And, in between wine, food, and boating, we managed to find time to do a little corkscrewing.

In the past, hunting for corkscrews in Long Beach, haven’t always netted out great finds.  The last few days, however, have proven otherwise.  There have, indeed, been some nice corkscrews about.

Here are the finds of the weekend.



Pictured, is an unusual waiter’s corkscrew marked “LIFTY,” a signed R. Murphy button with upturned hook, two Gemelli patents, an OPENZIT patent can opener with corkscrew, and finally the best of the best; a corkscrew that has literally (as I actually have one written) been on my wish list for the better part of a decade.  A Dickson patent; this one has a really nice nickel finish, and is signed on the shaft with the patent date AUG. 02, 1870

And, as if this wouldn’t make for a super corkscrew weekend.  This morning I got word that I won an auction lot from an auction house on the east coast.

At first glance, this might not really get the pavlovian corkscrew juices flowing;



Until you examine the picture closely.  While there are some interesting corkscrews pictured, it was the corkscrew that is center top that encouraged my bid.   While the picture didn’t show off all the details, I am positive that this is an 1884 Wilbur Woodman Patent.



I have never seen another, with the exception of the example of Fred O’Leary’s book.

Will the Dickson and Woodman make the best 6 for this year?   They very well could, but who knows what might turn up in the next 6 weeks as we close in on the end of the corkscrew-fiscal-year?

Stay tuned for more corkscrew news!!!


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