updating the Murphy page…

One of the potential best 6 of the year, which was only acquired this last week, is a R. Murphy corkscrew with button.  For all the Murphys within the collection, and there are many, this has proven to be one of the harder pieces to find.

I have picked up various bells, direct pulls, buttons, and mechanical Murphys, and even an ivory handed Murphy, but the patented button with upturned hook has proved rather elusive, until recently.

murphypatentbuttonwithhook murphybuttonhook

Marked across the button R. MURPHY, HARVARD, MASS. PAT. APRIL 23, 1901, this is definitely one that I have been after for some time, and has been added to the Murphy Corkscrews page on the website.

I am still on the hunt for other Murphy corkscrews; wooden handles with blades on the side, button with grabbing hooks underneath, and why not have two Murphys with ivory handles : )

If you have a Murphy or an R. Murphy Boston signed corkscrew with which you would like to part, feel free to drop me a line.  If it is of interest, I am sure we can arrange a trade.