another corkscrew stand…

Visiting other corkscrew collectors is always an eye opening and fascinating experience. Not only are there the treasures that they have uncovered, and the potential of a trade or two, but to me, I also find it interesting seeing how their corkscrew collection is displayed.

In drawers? In a display case? In stands? On shelves? Hanging on their walls? Mounted in frames? Under the bed in boxes? Hidden in the attic? All of the above?

For those of you that have visited our house, you know that their are lots of corkscrews in a fairly large map case.


Still, as our house is rather small in the grand scheme of things, and the “corkscrew case” is rather large, I have been toying with other options for displaying/housing the collection.

Tommy’s cork corkscrew stands might provide one possibility (although, this will still necessitate building another display case).


Ed Wolffe (one of our loyal readers) has offered up his version of the cork corkscrew stand. This time adding a washer under the cork–I really like the industrial look of this!

Ed explains, The metal washers offer a different cosmetic feel (some will like it, some will not) but the weight of the metal does seem to offer better stability to the mounted corkscrews. Oh, and I put four small felt dots under the washer to both offer some mechanical space to the tiny bit of screw head and a non-scratchfeature to the stands.


Thanks Ed! Very cool idea!