Wilber B. Woodman…

On page 66 of Fred O’Leary’s book on American corkscrews, pictured is a little wire corkscrew with sheath that for years has fascinated me. It looks so much like a Clough! The picture in O’Leary shows a slight difference at the top of the looped handle. Still, from the photo, it seemed like the difference was so subtle, and never having seen one in person, I assumed that the handle was was of similar manufacture with a slightly different twist–as it were.


Of course, in looking at the patent drawings, it looks like the wire would have been doubled up for the handle.


So, as mentioned a few days ago, when I saw a corkscrew in an non-ebay auction in a large lot of corkscrews that looked similar, I knew I had to go for it, and hoped that indeed it was the Woodman.


Whether I was convinced, or merely really really hopeful, I placed a bid and won. And, today the corkscrew lot arrived.

While not marked, just as the example shown in O’Leary, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the Wilber Woodman patent from 1884. And, one that is destined for the best 6 of 2013.



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