full-size, mid-size, small, and miniature

Both Tommy and RL posted on their blogs regarding miniature and half-sized/mid-sized corkscrews over the past couple of days. And, while I would expect Peter to throw a huge collection of mini pieces on his site, I was thinking about miniature versus perfume; smaller examples of a full-sized corkscrew as opposed to small corkscrews that, perhaps, were intended to open poison/perfume/medicine.

For example, here are three signed Clark corkscrews — a large, a mid-sized, and a small version


And, while there are several different sizes of Murphys, here is a full size and a tiny example.


While not a dramatic different, here are two Haffs with buttons. Full and mid?


Now there are plenty of tiny medicine/perfume corkscrews, but they are indeed full-sized.


I traded Tommy a salesman sample of the Browne patent can opener which is definitely tiny.


And, of course there are the mini-legs. There are the miniature spring frames, the miniature columbus split frame, the small Wilson S-Pat corkscrews, and of course tons of little bows out there–a few of which have become necklaces for the lovely certified personal personal trainer.

What small sized, miniature versions of the full-sized corkscrew are out there?

Feel free to submit photos of your full-sized corkscrew adjacent to its smaller/mid-sized version. I will post them here, and it could make for a fun database of full/mid/small corkscrews.

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