a few more minis, a mid-sized henshall, and narrowing the best 6…

After the post on half sized and minis yesterday, I received an email from Don Bull who sent in a few of his:


And, I ran across another full size versus mid size.


As mentioned a few days ago, we are nearing the end of the corkscrew collecting fiscal year, and the decision on what makes the best 6 list is sometimes difficult. And, while I think the best 6 is nearly complete, you never know what might happen in the coming weeks. Still, I am fairly confident that these five are going to be in the best 6. The 6th, is still up in the air at this point. There are some front runners, and I am leaning towards one particular corkscrew, but what if a Philos Blake turns up? Or, perhaps a Russell? Or, what if the Frary with Can Opener handle gets sent my way…? What if there is a folding Hicks and Reynolds made available? What if?

The final reveal will be in a couple of weeks, but I am thinking these are the top 5. Of course, as mentioned above, you never know what might happen…



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