Rydquist Rienzi

A Rydquist patent corkscrew was listed on our second favorite online auction site recently, and this one was in nice condition, and carried on it an advertisement for Rienzi Beer.


With a healthy buy it now price, but with the option of making a best offer, I thought about it for a moment, and then noticed there had been an offer already that was declined.


I put out an offer, that was fair…



I went back, and looked at past ICCAuction listings, to see what has recently been paid for a Rydquist.

$105 for one with an advertisement for EC Campbell Coal, 555 Lyell Ave, Phone 547
$400 for one with an advertisement for New England Brewing Hartford, Conn
$150 for one with an advertisement for Moerlbach
and $240 for one with an advertisement for Maltosia.

Still, the ad looked familiar to me, but it wasn’t that I had seen the Rydquist with corkscrew emblazoned with Rienzi. The Rienzi was in an advertisement for the Rydquist itself.


I considered my original offer, and thought… What would be fair for both the seller and myself. And, as importantly, what would TWJ do…?

I upped my offer just a bit.

And, that did the trick.


Will this end up in TWJ’s collection? If only he had some trade bait handy : )