Off island for a couple of days…

The lovely certified personal personal trainer and I are headed off island for a couple of days for the next half-marathon in our half-marathon a month adventure. This time the half will be in Atkinson, NH.

Forecast for the race on Saturday: Cloudy, 12 degrees. And, with the wind chill, at this point, they are suggesting it will be all of about 5 degrees.

Perfect running conditions…

Can you say BRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Perhaps it will make us run faster : )

On the corkscrew front, after a slight delay, the latest issue of The Bottle Scrue Times is being mailed out tomorrow morning. For those that are ICCA Members, be sure to check your mail boxes in the coming days. Of course with this issue being mailed (over 50 pages of all things corkscrew). I will start looking towards the Spring issue!

Also, as mentioned recently, it is that time of year when corkscrew collectors start compiling and sending out (or publishing) their best sixes. I have made my final decision on what will make the list, and I will update the blog upon our return (and thawing out).

Stay tuned!


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