a fair amount of snow…

After digging out of the 15 inches of snow we received the other day, last night we got about 7-8 inches more. The island is lovely under a blanket of snow, but I think I have spent the better part of four hours shoveling today.

Okay, maybe it as three hours.

And, I have yet to get to the back of the house!


Perhaps tomorrow I will dig out the back deck…

On a corkscrew note, or rather a cork puller note, the other day I managed to unearth one of those “Original Malt Syrup” Greeley type hook opener thingies. And, after arriving at what I felt was a fair price and making an offer, the person in possession of said Original Malt Syrup Greeley type hook opener thingy responded, saying that my offer was too high, and countered at a significantly lower amount with shipping included.


My offer was too high?


Okie Dokie… Deal!

He followed this with another interesting tidbit of information.

He has three other Original Malt Syrup Greeley type hook opener thingies, and when he runs across the others–which he had recently misplaced–these too will be heading to the island.

It is a little early to say that this will make my best 6 of 2014, but at this very moment it is a front runner : )


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