First of all, Happy New Year!!!

The lovely personal personal trainer and I are still in NYC for a few days, and started off the new year with a run in Central Park. A great start to 2014, and I have no doubt there will be many more miles run over the course of the year. We are continuing our half-marathon a month goal, and I am running a 20 miler in March. I have no doubt a few pair of running shoes will come and go over the course of the year.

Speaking of starting the new year right, I managed to pick up an interesting British Multi-Tool / Corkscrew this morning, for a very low buy it now on eBay. With a whopping price of £ 3.99, it is a corkscrew that I haven’t owned before, and one that typically sells for a bit more than that.

british multitool

Marked on one side “ADVENTA“ and “six in one“ and “BRITISH MADE RP No 843544,” it probably won’t be making the best 6 list for 2014, but still an interesting addition.