J. E. Caldwell & Co.

This afternoon, I had a bit of time on my hands. And, so I went for a brisk walk in the snow towards an antique center the lovely lovely personal trainer and I saw last night while heading to a jazz club.

Not knowing for sure if they would be open, I headed over hopeful that they would indeed be open, but doubtful any corkscrews would be found in my price range.

We are in Manhattan after all…

After hitting a couple of dealer stalls–which aren’t really stalls, as much as glassed in individual shops with security gates and guards walking the floors–I did manage to find one simple direct pull.

After a few more ritzy shops/stalls, I happened upon a dealer who asked what I was looking for. I responded with “antique corkscrews.”

He looked at me for a moment, and held up his hand–index finger extended. “A corkscrew…I have one,” he explained as he started heading to the back of the shop.

After pulling out 4 different drawers–very methodically–he reached inside and pulled out the one; a double lever brass corkscrew with advertising. I smiled and asked how much? 120$ was the answer.

I thanked him, and explained that I already had this particular one, and headed off towards the next dealer.

As I exited this next shop, the aforementioned dealer was waving for me to come over, and was holding yet another corkscrew in his hands.

I just remembered this one, he explained and handed over a Sterling folding medicine corkscrew.

I looked at it closely, as he explained that it was marked Sterling. “And, from a good maker,” he added.

Borrowing his loupe, I checked at the marking, while asking what would be his price.

Expecting a rather substantial asking price, given his price for the brass double lever, that this is Sterling, “from a good maker,” and we are on the Upper East Side, I was quite pleased when his price was just a bit more than the double lever.

I agreed to the asking price, and we shook hands after completing the deal. And, he promised to send photos of a few others that he had at home.

And, that was the one corkscrew worth buying today. A lovely folding medicine spoon (from a good maker) with a gold wash.

The good maker? That would be J.E. Caldwell & Company of Philadelphia.




A nice corkscrew, for a nice price, and a nice one for the collection!!!