Patented March 27, 1883…

I have been collecting corkscrews for 15 years now, and I have picked up hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of folding bows. And, while I have been fortunate enough to find some of the rarer American patented ones, a signed Cornelius T. Williamson folding bow with the patent date–patent # 274,539–has remained somewhat elusive.

Last year, I managed to acquire the Williamson Bow that looks similar to the patent drawings, but it is unmarked.


As luck would have it, however, in the recent 350+ listings on the new Corkscrew Collectors Buy Now site, a group of folding bows had within it a signed example of the Williamson patent. And, with 7 corkscrew in the lot–three of them Havell’s, and at least two of them Williamsons–it seemed the the asking price was VERY fair.

I looked at the photo, looked again, and wondered aloud (yes, I wondered aloud) “Why hasn’t anyone snapped this up.”

williamsonbowlot copy

I figured, why not.

Patented C.T. Williamson 1883 bow corkscrew. Check!