No corkscrews at the Court House

I made the trip to the mainland yesterday for jury duty. And, as fortune would have it, two of the four trials were resolved by the time jury selection began, and after going through the process of selection for the third trial (for which I was not selected) the fourth trial was plead out as well. By lunch time, we (with the exception of the 14 jurors that will return on Tuesday) were allowed to go back home.

The time worked well, and I managed to hop on the 1 o’clock boat. And, when I got back to the house, there were two packages waiting for me (well, one is actually for Gavin) but there was one for me. And, this one didn’t contain a corkscrew per se, but instead an old catalog that was advertised as containing corkscrews. Being from the 1890’s and from Troy, NY, I figured I should snap it up and see what was inside–as there were no pictures in the online listing.

From Parks & Parks, Troy, N.Y. U.S.A. the small catalogue contains advertisements for:

The People’s Dauber
The Hug Dauber
The NO. 3 Dauber
The Eureka Shoe Polisher
The Gem Shoe Polisher
The Parks Stove Polishing Mitten and Dauber
The Boss Dust Beater
The Trojan Mop Stick
The Screw Mop Stick
Star Towel Rack
Peerless “A” Towel Rack No. 3
Peerless “B” Towel Rack No. 4
Daisy Towel Rack NO. 5
Splendid Towel Rack No. 6
The Daisy Hat Rack
The Daisy Hat and Coat Rack
The Family Oil Can and Lamp Filler
Trojan Oil Can
The Standard Dripless Tea and Coffee Strainer
The Excelsior Milk Strainer
The Farmer’s Favorite Potato Bug Exterminator
Tripod Wash Bench
The Derrick Thrill Supporter and Anti Rattler
The Junior Dripless Tea Strainer

And, on page 28 of the 32 pages was indeed a corkscrew. And, even a corkscrew from Troy. Not a Curley or a Hicks & Reynolds, but instead a Bennit.

The ad reads:

Magic Cork Screw
The most Simple and effective
Self Raising Cork Screw

It requires NO PULLING to draw the Cork from the Bottle, yet can be handled as readily and as quickly as the ordinary common Cork Screw.

No. 1. Rosewood Handle, Centre Point.
No. 2. ” ” Side ”
No. 3. Maple ” Center Point.
No. 4. ” ” Side ”


Not a super corkscrew find, but given it was paid for with eBay bucks…and, who doesn’t like those? It is an interesting addition to the growing corkscrew ephemera collection.

If you have an old catalog or catalogue that contains images and information on old corkscrews, I may be interested. Heck, I may even trade an actual corkscrew for it : )