A couple of weeks ago, a listing containing a Davis corkscrew ended on eBay, and I was the underbidder.

And, who outbid me? None other than RL.

The lot had gotten a bit of attention, but interestingly sold for a fairly low price. Knowing that I wanted to add the Davis to my collection, Robert and I just agreed on a deal. And, the Davis will soon be arriving on the island.

Now, as most of you know, I have a few corkscrews made by Davis and the Detroit Cork Screw Company. And, you may be asking, do you really need another?

Need? Probably not.

But, to add another variation of the advertising… I definitely wanted it.


This particular Davis is marked with an advertisement for “I. L. LAMM, WHOLESALE LIQUOR DEALER, WEST SUPERIOR, WIS.” And, while the marking is a little rough, as the finish is a little rough, it will make for a nice addition to the Detroit Corkscrew Collection–and will shortly be added to the Detroit Cork Screw page.


In the 1907 Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office, Volume 126 starting on page 2543, a listing of trademarks that have been registered shows I.L. Lamm of West Superior several times, including two listings for his newly trademarked Great Northern brand of Wines and Distilled Alcoholic Liquors; Gin Whiskey and Brandy.


I wonder if I could find a bottle of said Great Northern…


If you have a Davis, Detroit, or Puddefoot corkscrew with a different advertisement, feel free to drop me a line!

And, thanks for the deal RL!