Size Matters…

I had got tail of a large Syroco Scotty dog corkscrew that a corkscrew collector in Rochester, NY had found. And, I was intrigued, as this guy knows his Syroco. Early on in my collecting, he and I had exchanged emails and over the years many corkscrews had changed hands.

I got my first Copperfield from him. And, I got my first Pickwick from him. There have been laughing men, dogs, country gentlemen. Living in that area of the country, he seems to find Syroco with certain regularity. And, so news of the Large Scotty dog had me intrigued.

Still, I didn’t pursue the corkscrew. Tommy on the other hand, with his passion for Syroco, did contact our mutual collecting friend, and came to a deal. And, on Tommy’s blog the three sizes of Scotty are shown–and with a little help from Photoshop, you can see the size differences here.


Given that we haven’t seen a Scotty corkscrew this large before, I am guessing it was an end of the day project by one of the workers. A few odd variations of Syroco corkscrews like this have turned up, for example this Syroco dog with corkscrew that protrudes from its chest–many of us have the small scotty dog with corkscrew in chest but this little guy?


And, then there are those Syroco pieces that normally show up just as an opener; except the few odd elephants that turn up with a corkscrew.


A fantastic addition to Tommy’s collection, and I am both excited for his acquisition and a little envious too : )

Congrats TC, an AWESOME corkscrew!

But, maybe there is another large scotty corkscrew out there. Do you have one?

And, moreover, what Syroco anomalies exist within your collection? Odd colorations of paint, a Old Codger with waaaaaaay too much rouge for example, etc. Feel free to send pictures, and I will post them here.