Well, I did manage to buy a corkscrew…

The Maud’s patent, still has yet to arrive… And, while I have cleared space in the American Corkscrew Patents department for its arrival, no such luck.

(as an aside, do you all organize your collections according to date of manufacture? according to mechanism? according to country of origin, date of manufacture, AND mechanism? or, do they all sit willy-nilly in a case, cardboard box, or drawers?)

I did however, manage to pick up a nice little French corkscrew, and thus far, it is my big purchase of the week! Now, it is entirely possible that a corkscrew, or a bunch of corkscrews, or a collection of corkscrews, may be coming my way at any moment. But, for now, this is it.


Of course, with the upcoming ICCAuction, opening up on January 25th, and the 300+ listings available on the Buy Now site, I am sure there will be some new additions very soon.