Maud Arrives

The Maud patent corkscrew arrived today, and I am quite pleased.

Marked MAUD’S on one side, and PATENT on the other, it definitely is a contender for the Best 6 of 2014.


Maud’s 1896 Patent description explains,

This invention relates to improvements in corkscrews; and its object is to enable corks to be drawn from the necks of beer, wine, and other bottles more readily than at present by causing the corks to be simply twisted from their beds or positions in the necks of the bottles with ease and safety, thereby reducing the liability of breakage either of the cork or neck of the bottle to a minimum and at the same time preventing the corkscrew pulling through the cork without drawing it. The above object is attained by combining with, say, an ordinary corkscrew, above its worm or twisted thread, an attachment consisting of a disk or washer capable of being automatically locked and unlocked by any convenient means with the stem or handle of the corkscrew, the said disk or washer being also armed on its under side with any desired number of pendent pins arranged to enter the top of the cork as the twisted thread or worm passes into and through it.


A nice addition to the collection, and one I have been after for some time!

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