(re)building the Crosby Pup List

Several years ago, there was a list running of those collectors that had a Crosby Pup within their collections–of course, Bob Kimball has 7 or 8 of them, but most of have only one.

However, over the years, the computer upon which the list was saved crashed. And, while there are copies of the list that other collectors have maintained, with pups that have changed hands through sales and trades, a small group of us are trying to rebuild the list.


So… let’s see how many Crosby Pups we can account for! I have created a Facebook page for the Crosby Pup . And, I invite each of you to take a snapshot of your Crosby Pup and add it to the timeline. If you have more than one, add them both.

If you aren’t a Facebook user, feel free to email crosbypup@gmail.com with your name and pic of your pup.

Let’s see if we can account for the 50-60 that Bing was rumored to have given away!

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