Russian Double Lever

Several years ago, there was an unusual double lever with very long levers. It was early in my collecting, and with a low Buy it Now, I decided to take a chance. As it happened, at one of the corkscrew meetings that year, I was made a healthy offer for it, and I let it go.

Last year, I managed to pick up another example. These have to be of relatively recent vintage–the last 40-50 years I would guess, but they just don’t turn up that often. The most recent example was also passed on to another collector.


This afternoon, on one of my favorite antique buying sites (not eBay) another one was listed. But, this one was different, instead of the rounded design as the one pictured above, it has a different shape.



Tommy had recently picked up the rounded Russian Double Lever, and messaged me to let me know he was interested.

And, what the heck, it is all yours TC!

Of course, the corkscrew is being shipped from Latvia, so it might be a while before it arrives.

While these Russian corkscrews don’t turn up often, I have yet to see any background information on them. If you have any idea of maker or timeframe when these were produced, please drop me a line. They are indeed interesting–but it would be nice to know more about them.


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