Steel-y Gator

A decade or so ago, I got my first alligator carved corkscrew at a Flea Market outside of Chicago. And, shortly thereafter I picked up another carved alligator on eBay. This one was quite handsome, and was polychromed and signed just under his tail with MIAMI, FLA.



Over the years a few others have come in the collection.


A few have left the collection. Still, there are currently three carved alligators in the (carved) corkscrew swamp.


And, in a trade many years ago (coincidentally with the same collector who recently sold Tommy his extra large Syroco scotty dog) I received my first celluloid alligator. And, that one has never left the corkscrew swamp! I have since had in my possession two other celluloid alligators, but whether traded away, or parted with at a corkscrew meeting, they have found other homes.


As it happened, my second celluloid alligator was acquired through eBay. And, it was advertised as Steel. I paid for the item, which was picked up rather cheaply, and when it arrived it wasn’t steel at all. It was again (as mentioned) celluloid. Given the price, I had nothing to complain about. And, perhaps the listing itself was simply misunderstood. It was indeed an alligator, and the corkscrew was indeed steel, while the body wasn’t.

That also was a while back, and that was the closest I have come to getting a steel version.


Yes, there is always a big however.

The other day, on our second favorite auction site, a listing for a “VINTAGE ALLIGATOR CROCODILE CORKSCREW WINE BOTTLE OPENER GES. GESCHUTZI GERMANY” had been put up. And, I was just checking in for the last time of the evening, before we headed out to hop on a skiff to cross the thoroughfare to North Haven for dinner.

The pictures were rather dark, and without looking at condition, cracks in the body, or a potentially tipped worm, I clicked the buy it now option, which was original to the listing.


After securing the purchase, and promptly paying the person who listed it. I revisited the pictures.

As the pictures were so dark, I opened up photoshop, and began to lighten them a little. And, what should reveal itself?

A Steel Alligator!!!




An excellent addition to the collection!


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