Back to normalcy…

I spoke with Tommy yesterday, and he has seemed to recover from the battles of the auction. We even made a deal for a pair of corkscrews, and they will be leaving the island and heading towards Chicago in short order.

As for me, I have already started to research a bit more on Anton Trunk–not that I am going to create an Anton Trunk corkscrew page (well, maybe)–but acquiring the Trunk definitely has fueled the fire to find out more about the connection between Trunk and Frary. As information is unearthed, I will provide updates.

On the JFO hunt, I managed to pick up a Williamson Bottle this morning with an advertisement for Stroh’s. I will toss this in TWJ’s pile, and wait for April for the Just for Openers meeting to swing some sort of trade.

stroh's bottle

Off for more coffee!