cork puller or not a cork puller???

This morning, on our second favorite auction site, an interesting cork puller had been listed. At least, it was billed as a cork puller.

And, as fortune would have it, it also had a fairly low buy it now. I looked at the item, then looked again, then looked again. It was at the same time, somewhat of a mystery, but also somewhat familiar.

Of course, with a low buy it now, if I hesitated, it was entirely possible that it could end up in the clutches of another collector.

I went back to the listing one more time, and clicked the buy it now button.

After paying for the item, I again read the description.

Up for auction we have this vintage Advertising cork screw puller from Logan’s Williamsport Pa.. It measures 5 inches long . Its in nice condition with light wear. Surely a great item to add to your collection


5 inches? I went over to the corkscrew case, and checked the Clough’s that I have. Most to the wooden sheaths that I have for the Clough’s in my collection are about 2 – 2 1/2 inches.


Based on the seller’s explanation that the piece is 5 inches long, that puts the prongs themselves at about 3 inches. About the right size for a beer or wine cork. But, is this a cork puller?

I also considered that this might be a longer sheath that used to cover a Clough direct puller (with the hot dog shaped handle). But, those usually have a rounded end.


Now, I did peruse the back of O’Leary as I have never seen anything like this. And, there is a 1904 Kennedy patent that is a similar idea, but the drawings don’t match up exactly.

From the pictures, it is hard to see if the little prongs, would function as a prong puller should. But, could they?


When it arrives next week, I will take better pictures, but based on the two that were part of the listing, and with Logan unavailable to answer the question, what do you think?

A Cork Puller, or Not a Cork Puller And, if Not, what is it?

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